First Round of WordCamp 2014 Speakers Announced!

We had an amazing response to our call for speakers and while we wish everyone could have a time slot to share their knowledge, there are only so many hours in WordCamp that allow us to do so. That being said, we are pleased to announce, in no particular order, our first round of speakers!

Zac Gordon

Zac Gordon is currently the WordPress teacher at Treehouse and an experienced professor of web design and development. He enjoys teaching people how to use WordPress in order build cool things, improve their jobs, and better their lives. When not working with the web he likes traveling, yoga and off grid living.

Mason James

Mason is the Co-Founder and CEO of WP Valet where he’s made an art of making people happy with their WordPress experience. He has a passion for creating solutions and truly loves it when a plan comes together. When not connected to a computer he’s probably playing music, video games, or with his puppy, Penny (photos available on request).

Michelle Schulp

Michelle is an independent graphic designer, recently relocated to Minneapolis from Chicago. She was formally schooled in design including print, branding, packaging, etc., with additional education in Psychology and Sociology, all tying together in a love of How To Solve Problems. Lately she has been specializing in WordPress websites, infographics, and high-end presentations for her clients. She loves the WP community and speaks/volunteers/organizes at WordCamps and events around the country.

Josh Shashaty

I’m a backend WordPress developer. I’m the lead dev of custom development at WP Valet and have used the methods/tips in my talk successfully with this team and other agencies we’ve worked with.

Rich Robinkoff

While working towards a career transition into technology (where his real passion lies), Rich stumbled upon WordPress, and let’s just say it was love at first site! Since then, he has submerged himself in all things WordPress; developing WordPress sites and attending WordCamps and meetups while discovering his own WordPress voice. When he’s not knee-deep in achieving Career 2.0, Rich works full time in Supply Chain and teaches Web Development at a local Community College, evenings and online.

Tom Townsend

Tom Townsend is the President and Founder of SMBsocial an Inbound marketing SW company that provides Digital Presence Solutions to SMB’s (Small Medium Business). His team helps solve real business problems with creative applications and platforms built on WordPress. He has been working with WordPress since 2007. As a co-organizer of WordCamp Tampa and Tampa Bay WordPress Meetups he continues to learn and share his passion for all things WordPress.

Erik Lindgren

With master’s degrees in English, Computer Science, and International Business, I’ve decided to marry the three by creating an online store of my writing using WordPress. Rather than give part of my profits to Amazon, a publisher, or an agent, I will build up a body of writing on my own site, and then start a social media campaign to promote it. I’m currently in the writing and building phase. I’d love to share my experience so far, and get feedback on the direction I’m heading. During the day, you can find me at Motorola Solutions in Plantation, Florida, where I work on our latest software products.

Darcy Sullivan

Hi my name is Darcy! In 2011, after a decade in corporate America, I jumped ship to start my own company, Propel Marketing & Design, with the simple vision to help small businesses and entrepreneurs propel their companies forward. Among Propel’s many services we offer, we focus on training small businesses to take ownership in their own marketing. This training includes web marketing, social media, WordPress, SEO, and much more. I have attended WordCamp two times and loved it. I would be honored to get the chance to help educate others in the WordPress community.

Stay tuned for another speaker announcement on Monday!

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  1. Alex

    Thx for the speaker update – looking forward to this! I noticed the Facebook community page still has some outdated information from last year…

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