Third Round of WordCamp 2014 Speakers Announced!

Only a handful of tickets remain – once they’re gone, they’re gone, and you’ll miss out on all of these delightful speakers!

Jeff Matson

Jeff Matson is a technical content writer and SEO for InMotion Hosting, specializing in WordPress-related tutorials and news. His content reaches millions of users and has been featured on sites such as Post Status and WP Tavern. In his off time, he hosts the WordPress After Hours Google Hangout on Friday nights with Jeff Chandler for uncensored, unrecorded, WordPress shenanigans.

Ivan Lopez

I am currently a Web Engineer at 10up. I started building website as a freelancer in 2006 while attending college, immediately after taking a course on HTML and CSS. I’ve been working with WordPress for about 4 years now making custom themes and plugins. I’ve had the opportunity to work with several web agencies in the Central Florida using several languages (in addition to PHP), including ASP, ActionScript 3, JavaScript and some C#.

David Wood

David Wood is a web developer with over 5 years of development experience. He has spent much of his career working with WordPress, writing everything from custom plugins and themes to highly specialized code for unique situations. When he is not working he enjoys reading, gaming, and occasionally going hiking. He also finds writing about himself in the third person to be a strange experience, one he tries to keep from repeating.

Élise Desaulniers & Alexandre Simard

We are the founding partners of Desaulniers Simard, a small consulting firm based in Montréal, Québec, Canada. We have spoken at each edition our local WordCamp since its humble beginnings in 2009. In 2013, we organized and participated in an elections-style debate between proponents of different multilingual solutions. We should really close-caption the thing, though.

Elizabeth Pampalone

Elizabeth Pampalone has been creating websites for over 14 years. After finishing a Web Programming Degree at the University of Cincinnati, she ended up in a cubicle as a software developer. When this did not suit her, decided to go it alone and set up shop in Jacksonville, FL. There, she found her passion and a town that needed what she had to offer. She loves to run her business while helping and encouraging the local small business community. She is an active member of SCORE, as well as the leader of 3 networking organizations. She helps run several small business for local owners in addition to being on the advisory boards for several government websites. When she is not pursuing her career, she is out ballroom dancing or sharing a relaxing evening in St Augustine with her husband.

Kimberly Lipari

Kimberly Lipari is the co-founder and Director of Operations at WP Valet. Her primary role is determining how the business is working as a whole and defining the bits and pieces that make it run on a daily basis. She is mom to three little girls and lives in Louisiana.

Jesse Petersen

Jesse embraced his true geek nature in 2008 and left an office job as a desktop publisher and editor to be a full-time WordPress community member and formed Petersen Media Group in early 2009. He meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of his growing network of friends who desire websites that they can maintain and has amassed a returning client base of over 200 clients from Australia to Hawaii and many places in between. With consistent referrals from StudioPress and Copyblogger Media, Jesse is highly sought-after by speakers, authors, and small businesses who want a clean, robust, and elegantly planned online presence. He isn’t flashy, but “does the ordinary extraordinarily well – every day.” Jesse and his wife live in Tampa, FL. No pets. Eighteen foster children since 2012, adopting one. They love road trips. You can follow him on Twitter @jpetersen.

Chris Christoff

Former lead developer of Jigoshop (forked to make WooCommerce). Chris helps make Easy Digital Downloads and many of its extensions. Plugin developer at AwesomeMotive, which runs WPBeginner & List25, and makes several well-known WordPress plugins like Soliloquy Slider, Envira Gallery, and OptinMonster. Full time student at the University of Florida. His code runs over a million online stores.

Stay tuned for the final speaker announcement on Monday!